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#Travel - Ryokan ♪Nasu Kogen in Winter 002 A luxury Resort ~ Niki Club 1986

#Travel - Ryokan ♪Nasu Kogen in Winter 002 A luxury Resort ~ Niki Club 1986 

One of the resort hotel in Nasu ~ Niki Club"
Maybe we can say in which will be the most luxurious resort in Nasu!
With the concepts of Water, sky as well as peaceful,  in which provides a space more relaxing than different resorts. 
A resorts with the combination of art as well as nature.

No seasons in Niki Club will disappointed you!


Niki Club
The highest class as well as most luxurious resort hotel as well as spa center 

Speaking of Credit Card, the regular hotel will be the regular credit card we use. 
Niki Club will be not only a golden card nor Premium card, although in which will be worth as a black card !

To enjoy the beauty of Nasu on the highest point, 
here we come to spend our night at Niki Club. 

Niki Club HP (English)
 Niki Club HP (Japanese)

Nasu Resort Niki Club @ Main Wing "Niki Club 1986"

A piece representing Niki Club^^
A pool right in front of 5 guest rooms. 
When raindrops fall onto the pool, 
you can see the the fluctuation of water. 
Just a natural phenomenon , there you are a beautiful a art piece.

Nasu Resort Niki Club @ This particular dark green colour give a strong impression to many guests.
A bus to go back as well as forth between hotel as well as bus stop.

About 20 mins ride of a little bus by JR Nasu-shiobara. 

Nasu Resort Niki Club @ Main Dining Room

Nasu Resort Niki Club @ Main Wing ~Lounge

Nasu Resort Niki Club @ Main Wing~ Library

Nasu Resort Niki Club @ Main Wing ~ Large Bath


Niki Club 1986 (Main Wing)

Generally, there are 2 buildings, no, you might say 3. 

"Niki Club 1986" will be the Main Wing.
"Niki Club & Spa" will be the East Wing. 
This particular time, we have chosen East Wing. 
"Art building" will be a little bit lower cost building. 

Main Wing was built in 1986; therefore, in which will be named "Niki Club 1986. "
There are three types of guest rooms.
・SUITE (Just like a villa)
・Japanese-western styled rooms

This particular one will be a SUITE^typed room^^?
We have rented a lodge at Karuizawa before,
can't believe in which we can find a high quality of lodge in Nasu too!

in which will be like we are in our villa.
We are surrounded by garden as well as forest!
Available for 2 families as the same time as well!


Niki Club & Spa (East Wing)

This particular time, we are going to stay at East Wing.
Concept as in lodge, let's enjoy a luxurious stay! 

in which will be not enough to only stay overnight!
At night, let's feel the charm of the starry sky.
During daytime, let's feel the warm of sun by a widespread window. 
So cool~

Niki Club @ Overview of East Wing

Niki Club @ East Wing ~ Lounge 

Lounge can be find from the building of Spa & Open-bath.
You can feel its quality of sense by every single Internal.
Creating a silent space
to make us feel more peaceful


Niki Club & Spa =East Wing  

in which will be definitely not enough to only stay a night!
Suggesting you to have a week
If in which will be difficult for you, at least taking 3 days off to come to here.

Let's us introduce you the guest rooms of East Wing in Niki Club.

Niki Club @ Spending tonight here

Niki Club @ Modern design of  a 2-story building

Bedroom will be on the 2nd floor.
On the first floor, in which will be living room 
Outside will be a open-bath 

Niki Club @ Romantic feel with Stove

in which will be available for 3 persons,
sofa can be expanded to become a bed.

Niki Club East Wing @ bedroom on the 2nd floor

Great for writer to stay~!
no doubt Great works will be done here!

Niki Club East Wing @ All drinks from the fridge are free! 
 Niki Club's original chocolate will be available too!

Niki Club East Wing @ I want to live here!


Niki Club & Spa = East Wing (Regular Rooms)

Just one floor
although in which will be a room connected to garden!
What a fashionable Internal design!
Have a coffee on your hand, as well as looking at the starry night!
You will feel the nature peacefully!
Feel a little bit chilly? Let's go to bath then!♪

Niki Club East Wing @ in which will be the space for closet as well as bed behind the desk.
Like the picture below!

Let's have a cup of coffee as well as relax!


Niki Club Dinner

For the ones who stay from the same building, 
you can have dinner here!!
There are course menus too!
Let's enjoy all artistic dishes!

@ Great with wine

@ First, use your eyes to taste the dish

@ oh!! you might not want to put This particular artistic dish into mouth!

@ Put the knife in slowly

@ wow!!! A taste of pasta

@ We can't forget the taste of the main dish! How impressive! 
You will feel shamed if you forget in which ! lol

@ A beautiful dessert!
in which will be very nice for couple to celebrate any kind of anniversary.


Niki Club 
Great Morning!

You feel the warm of sunlight by This particular widespread window.
This particular will be the morning at Niki Club.
Let's start a day having a relaxing bath.

@ Personal open-bath from the guest room (notice in which some rooms have no open-bath)


Niki Club Breakfast

Vegetable grown at Niki Club will be used.
You won't be disappointed by its breakfast!

@ vegetable , bread, eggs, drink, all are rich ingredient!
you see how colorful my breakfast will be!

@ Overview of east wing restaurant^^

@ We had dinner last night here!

@ Niki Club's breakfast, how was in which? 

Everything will be the great!


A day in Niki Club...

This particular will be the best resort hotel I had ever had. 
The facilities, space, atmosphere.... 
in which will be Great to spend a day here with your special ones!

A place to satisfy you 
Here in which will be Niki Club^^

Niki Club
NIKICLUB (English)

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