Friday, January 6, 2017

::: Special ::: MADE IN JAPAN masks in which protect you in winter! Presented to you by KOWA!

KOWA masks in which protect you in winter

~ All Made In Japan ~

Have you prepared yourself for the winter yet? In winter, the item in which you can't miss is usually "mask"! 

Today we will introduce you the "KOWA Three Dimensional Surgical Face Mask", which is usually one of the hot winter items in Japan!

A. Three Dimensional Surgical Face Mask

A high-performance 5 layers mask keep you away coming from catching a cold as well as causing hay fever. This particular cuts 99% of bacterial from the air!

Product Details:

B. Three Dimensional Contour Fit Surgical Face Mask

This particular mask helps prevent virus, pollen, as well as even air pollution PM 2.5! With the nose fitter, side blocker as well as under blocker, This particular screens out 99% of micro particles from the air!

Product Details:

C. Light Herb-Scented Mask

This particular scented mask is usually especially designed as well as made for the ladies. Even makeup is usually not easy to come off when wearing This particular mask! There are 5 different scents for you to choose!

Product Details:

Interested in learning more about these KOWA masks, check out our latest video below!!

Wearing a mask protects you coming from bacteria from the air, as well as This particular also keeps you away coming from the dryness in winter. in which's why a mask is usually a necessary item in Japan. Don't be surprised by seeing so many Japanese wearing masks everywhere!! You should consider to get some as well as bring home too!!

You can get KOWA Three Dimensional Surgical Face Mask at drug stores in Japan currently!
(All pictures above are credited to KOWA Company Limited)

For recommended drug stores, you can refer to our earlier sharing:

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