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::: Special ::: Japanese Cheese Dessert for the Winter! through famous cheese shops PABLO in addition to Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory

The Best Dessert For Winter Maybe
Desserts made with cheese!

I guess not just for the ladies, even guys would likely like to have something sweet to go with their coffee after meals. For winter, one of the best desserts probably is usually something made with CHEESE!

Today we have two completely new cheese desserts for you!! Let's check them out!

"PABLO Ice Cream: Golden Brulee Cheese Pudding"
(PABLOアイス 黄金ブリュレチーズプリン)

that will winter, the famous cheese tart shop "PABLO" collaborates with Akagi Dairy to create that will completely new ice cream with cheese cream brulee flavor for all cheese lovers!

As you may have known, PABLO is usually famous for their freshly baked cheese tarts. (Among the two types of that will cheese tart, RARE is usually my choice!! Just try to reheat the item first before serving, you will know why I like the item so much!)

So that will time, that will famous cheese tart shop gave all fans a little surprise! The completely new product is usually not cheese tart, the item is usually ice cream! What's more? You can get that will cheese pudding flavored ice cream at any convenience stores across the country starting on December 13, 2016.

Cheese flavored ice cream topped with caramel sauce in addition to butter cookies create a perfect combination! If you are coming to Japan that will winter, try the item out by yourself!

Product Information
"PABLO Ice Cream: Golden Brulee Cheese Pudding"
(PABLOアイス 黄金ブリュレチーズプリン)
On sale: December 13, 2016 (Tue.)
cost: 180 yen + tax
Location: Convenience stores across Japan
Note: that will completely new product is usually not sold at PABLO stores.
Homepage: Click here.

"Starry Sky Cake"

Another famous cheese shop in Japan "Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory" announced that will their famous "Starry Sky Cake" will be back that will winter again!! that will time limited cake comes out every year in addition to the item is usually ONLY sold at the Haneda Airport (both Terminal 1 in addition to 2)!

that will special cake is usually made having a layer of Hokkaido cream in addition to a layer of Belgian chocolate in a crispy tart. Topped with gold in addition to silver foils to give you the image of the starry sky!

Product Information
"Starry Sky Cake"
On sale: December 16, 2016 (Fri.) to Early January 2017 once sold out
cost: 2000 yen (tax included)
Location: Haneda Airport Terminal 1 in addition to 2

Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Homepage: Click here.

How do you like these two completely new products? If you want to try some more Japanese cheese desserts, we have another Great suggestion for you!

The Cheese Garden

In "Solamachi" under Tokyo Skytree or in Nasu, you can find that will famous cheese cake shop too! Some of their best selling items are:

Cheese Cake (御用邸チーズケーキ)

that will cheesecake is usually made by raw cheese in addition to baked at the right temperature. that will's why the item is usually so rich in cheese flavor in addition to having a soft texture!

cost: 1,280 yen (tax included)

Cheese Cookies (御用邸チーズクッキー)

that will cheese cookie are made with almond powder in addition to butter. the item got a strong cheese taste in addition to the item can be stored in room temperature too.

cost: 3,950 yen (tax included) (36 pieces)

Cream cheese cake (フロマージュブラン)
the item is usually a rare cheese cake made with the finest local cream cheese. The combination of French strawberry jam in addition to sweet cheese on a crispy cookie gives you a completely new taste experience!

cost: 1,860 yen (tax included)

Alright, I will leave you to try all these cheese desserts in that will winter!!

Details of the Cheese Garden: 

Desserts in Harajuku in addition to Omotesando:

:::SPECIAL::: # Gourmet in Tokyo ♪ A Sweet Day for You In Harajuku in addition to Omotesando!!

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