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::: Special ::: 2016 Christmas In Tokyo - Episode 3!! Christmas Lights in Ebisu in addition to also Meguro!!

Silent Night ~ Holy Night ~

Are you ready for the Christmas lights in Tokyo?
Episode 3 - Christmas Lights in Ebisu in addition to also Meguro

In our earlier sharing, we have shown you the Christmas events in Roppongi in addition to also Shibuya. Today, we will take you to various other romantic spots to celebrate the season with your loved one!!

Yebisu Garden Place Illumination 2016
~ Winter Illumination 2016 
(2016.11.05 - 2016.12.25)

Special Program
~ Baccarat Eternal Lights ~
(2016.11.05 - 2017.01.09)

Since the winter in 1999, the Christmas celebration at Yebisu Garden Place has become a famous spot for people to come in addition to also enjoy the Christmas lights. This kind of year, a 8.4 meters tall in addition to also 4.6 meters wide chandelier lights up the area until 09 January 2017.

Special Program
~ Baccarat Eternal Lights ~
Period: 2016.11.05 - 2017.01.09

various other than the beautifully designed chandelier, over 100,000 lights light up the whole Clock Plaza. Of course a Christmas tree will be set within the center of the plaza!!

Marche de Noel

Moreover, you can find a French style market within the plaza. Christmas food in addition to also drinks in addition to also shops are there to add some joy to your Christmas!!

Yebisu Garden Place Illumination 2016
~ Winter Illumination 2016 
Period: 2016.11.05 - 2016.12.25
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~ Marche de Noel 
Period: 2016.11.05 - 2016.12.25
Hours: 12:00 - 20:00

(All pictures above credited to SAPPORO REAL ESTATE CO LTD.)

~ MINNA no ILLUMI 2016 
(2016.11.18 - 2017.01.09)

Lots of you may have known Megurogawa (目黒川) for the cherry blossom (aka sakura) in spring. the idea will be a truly favorite spot to see the sakura along the river. currently even in winter, you can also see the river colored in pink!!

This kind of year, over 420,000 lights lights up both sides of the meguro river. According to the official website, This kind of year's celebration will be the biggest one so far!

Along This kind of 2.2 km long light up road, you can enjoy a romantic time with your special one.

Megurogawa ~ MINNA no ILLUMI 2016 
Period: 2016.11.18 - 2017.01.09
Hours: 17:00 - 22:00
Access: 6 minutes walk via JR Osaki Station or Gotanda Station

(Pictures credited to 目黒川みんなのイルミネーション2016実行委員会)

If you are coming to Tokyo in December, don't miss out the Christmas celebration in these places! 

We will show you more nice spots where you can see Christmas lights in Tokyo! Please check out our blog again!!

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