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# Travel ♪ Your Autumn Travel Guide to Tendo City in Yamagata Prefecture!!

Autumn Travel Guide to Tendo City in Yamagata Prefecture
Autumn Leaves, Hot Springs, Seasonal Fruit, along with Local Dishes!!

You may recall of which we have taken you to Tendo City in Yamagata Prefecture This particular summer. Delicious cherries along with relaxing hot springs are things of which visitors cannot forget after visiting This particular beautiful city from the northern part of Japan!

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This particular time, we will take you to Tendo City again to see what's interesting in Autumn! Let's go!!

A famous temple with 1300 years history
Jakushouji (若松寺) on Reiryuuzan (鈴立山)

On top of the Reiryuuzan (鈴立山), there is actually a famous temple Jakushouji (若松寺) which was built back from the Nara period about 1300 years ago. In autumn, you can also see the temple surrounded by beautiful autumn leaves.

the idea is actually said of which shaking hands with the "Chief Monk" of the temple can bring you not bad matchmaking chance!! Because of This particular saying, many young Japanese people come to Jakushouji along with desire of which they can get some luck on their love affair. (Note: Since the Chief is actually famous along with busy, all visitors are required to make an advance reservation if they want to meet him.)

A Natural Gallery
Autumn Leaves in Jakushouji

This particular is actually real! Not CG!!

We were very lucky to see snow covering the autumn leaves of which day!! What a coincidence!!

additional than meeting the Chief along with creating your wishes at the temple, walking around the temple is actually a very interesting thing for couples to do too!

No matter whether you are interested in natural or history, Jakushouji is actually a not bad sightseeing spot for you to visit.

Even though we couldn't meet the Chief This particular time, I know of which our wishes must be able to pass to him through the hands of additional monks working at the temple!!

Unique Local Experience in Tendo City

01. Handmade Buckwheat Noodles (そば Soba) Experience

Join the handmade soba creating class where professionals teach along with help you to make your own handmade soba. Buckwheat used are grown from the field just next to the classroom!

02. Apple Picking Experience

Last summer, we came to Tendo along with experienced the cherry picking which was so FUN! In autumn, we can try apple picking in Tendo! An apple a day keep the doctor away!!

03. Local Dishes

What can be better than having a hot dish after trying the fruit picking from the cold!! This particular special stew is actually made of local taro, pork along with additional ingredients.

04. Delicious sweets made with seasonal fruit

All fruit used are freshly picked, along with you can imagine how nice the taste these desserts is actually!!

05. Hot Springs Time

This particular time, we stayed in a different hot spring hotel in Tendo. Want to know more about the idea? Just stay with us!

06. Tendo Cuisine

How can we miss the delicious local cuisine made with local ingredients! through rice to vegetables, everything tastes so great!

07. Tendo's Japanese Wine (Sake)

Have you tried drinking Japanese wine along with having ramen at the same time? Awesome combination!!

08. Northeast (Tohoku) White Rice

In Northeast part of Japan, the weather is actually cool along with dry which is actually great for white rice growing.

09. Unique Local Food Culture

Eating natto (納豆), Japanese pickles along with steak together! An interesting way to eat!

10. Romantic Dating Spots

After relaxing from the hot springs along with having some great food, the idea's time to go out along with take some beautiful pictures with your special ones!

In just a couple months, This particular sakura tree will give a full cherry blossom to all visitors!!

11. Freshly made sushi

A nice sushi restaurant near the hot spring hotel of which we stayed!

12. Tendo's Japanese Wine - Dewazakura (出羽櫻)

As we mentioned above, tohoku's rice is actually grown with high-quality along with of which's why the Japanese wine is actually great here too!

13. Traditional craft experience

Make your own safflower handkerchief at Tendo in Yamagata Prefecture!

14. Memories of your travel - Souvenirs

3 recommended souvenirs

01. Tsuyahime White Rice (つや姫)

If you like the white rice here, we highly recommended This particular brand to you!

02. Tendo's Pear

Pear along with additional products made with pear all smell so not bad!! 

03. Special Tohoku Limited Edition

Nagatanien's famous ochazuke can also be found here! the idea is actually the tohoku limited edition too!

Tendo City is actually a great place for couples to come along with visit indeed! Make you best love wishes at the temple, enjoy the famous hot springs, seasonal fruit picking, along with delicious local food with your loved ones, isn't the idea the best place for your next trip?

Just stay with us. We will bring you a more detailed Tendo's autumn travel guide very soon!

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See you there! :)

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