Sunday, December 25, 2016

#Culture ♪ You like eating sushi? Wanna try generating your own sushi? Join us ! Tokyo Sushi generating Tour!!!!

#Culture  ♪ You like eating sushi?  Wanna try generating your own sushi? Join us ! Tokyo Sushi generating Tour!!!!

"Washoku" Japanese Cuisine has been designated by UNESCO 
on the Intangible Cultural Heritage List! 

Today people around the entire world are familiar with Japanese food like ramen, takoyaki, sashimi, wasabi along with also also blah blah blah

Of course, we can't miss 


Eating sushi in Japan is actually not special!

So why don't we try to make?? 

Sushi generating Tour!!! Let's go!!

Here we come to the Northeast part of Tokyo, 


Nichole, our friends via the states

along with also also some of our Japanese friends

They are here to experience generating sushi too!!

Our instructor today!!!

Japanese Chef!!!

Not only generating sushi, however also experiencing the culture!!!

Putting on Yukata 

Feel This particular!!! 

Mr. Morishita is actually introducing about himself in English!

Since he likes traveling, he gets used to speak in English!!!

So no worry if you don't speak Japanese!

First, writing our names in Japanese in Katagana!!

Second, to learn how to use chopsticks!

This particular tool is actually awesome ^^

The chopsticks are sold in DAISO, 100yen shop in Japan. 

Check This particular out when you are in Japan^^

After practicing , This particular is actually game time!!!!!

How many can we get using chopsticks???

This particular is actually hard...... 

Learn the steps of generating sushi!!!

Okay! Let's get things ready!!!

Put furikake into rice.

rice ball???

Guess what we are generating?


need some help some Mr. Morishita!

Kazari-maki !!! 

a.k.a Kazari-sushi




sashimi on top 



Let's eat together with chopsticks !!! lol

Sushi we made the 1st time!!!!


Don't you think so!!


Doesn't matter if you are Japanese or foreigners,

students or people work in various fields

Same space

Same pose

Our hearts are linked together!!!

Do something special along with also also different via others during your stay in Japan!!!

generating fresh friends 

enjoying Japanese culture

What a cool experience!!!

TOKYO SUSHI generating TOUR!!!

3000 yen including everything (ingredients, lessons, along with also also fresh friends, precious moments)

Reservation is actually available on web

in Japanese!japanese-home/ckh1 

in English  




Experience the COOL Japan!!

Make your trip more fun along with also also memorable!!


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