Friday, December 30, 2016

#Accommodation ♪ A Designer Hotel in Shinjuku, Center of Tokyo! Granbell Hotel Shinjuku ①

#Accommodation  ♪ A Designer Hotel in Shinjuku, Center of Tokyo!  Granbell Hotel Shinjuku 

Let's plan another trip in Tokyo then!!!

Here we are in Shinjuku today! 

JR Shinjuku East Exit!

We gotta go across Kabukicho, moving to East Shinjuku 

Here we are!!!

Not too far!!!

A brand brand new hotel just opened on December 18!!

Granbell Hotel Shinjuku 

A designer hotel  behind Kabukicho. 

One of the tall building/hotels in of which area!!!

Granbell Hotel Shinjuku 

Novel Concept is actually "FUN to Stay" 




Don't you know This particular word! 

Just feel the idea!

Japanese Hospitality 

# Lounge on the 1st Floor! 

 # Original Cafe on the 1st floor 

Beer, Japanese sake, coffee, cappuccino along with snacks are available.

Open Hour: 6:00~25:00

# Terrace on the 1st floor

Free WiFi is actually available! 

Yes!!! This particular is actually actually a designer hotel!

Using art to present "favorite," "brand new," along with "Sense".

For more info about creative concepts 

# Standard Room (Single/ Double) 

Using simmons bed of the globe , 

wish you have a not bad dream !☆

# Loft Room

Isn't is actually special? Loft room in a hotel !!!

# Executive Room 

Let's enjoy the spacious along with relaxing time!

#Suite Room

Only 4 in This particular hotel. Each are designed by different artists!

Wanna try all!!!

# Restaurant G on the 12th Floor

which serves casual French & Italian cuisine! 

Enjoy a wonderful dinner with This particular fantastic night view of Shinjuku City

Fusion cuisine!!!


# Roof Top Bar & Terrace G on the 13th floor

Private room to enjoy Shinjuku sky quietly 


Having my cocktail!

Seems like We are on the top of Shinjuku looking after people 

What is actually going on?

What is actually happening?

peacefully...... ♪

Granbell Hotel Shinjuku 

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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

# Travel ♪ Mediterranean Style Sea View Cafe in Okinawa! Cafe Restaurant LATILLA

Mediterranean Style Sea View Cafe in Okinawa
Cafe Restaurant LATILLA

Close to the famous Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium!

Almost all visitors will visit This specific world famous aquarium when they go to Okinawa. Just 2-minute drive coming from Cafe Restaurant LATILLA, you can reach the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium!

A sea view cafe along with restaurant

At Cafe Restaurant LATILLA, you can find both Western along with Japanese dishes on their menu. If you just need to take a break along with have a cup of coffee along which has a piece of cake, This specific cafe is usually the right place for you too.

Don't worry about the parking space too, free parking is usually available too.

Cafe Restaurant LATILLA
Address: 1046-2 Yamagawa, Honbu-cho, Kunigami-Gun, Okinawa
Tel./Fax: 0980-48-2236
Hours: 11:30 - 21:00 (L.O. 20:00)
Homepage (Jap.):
Google Map

Outside the restaurant, there is usually a large banner showing you the parking space of the restaurant.

After settling your car, just go up the stairs to the 2F where the restaurant is usually!

White coloring Themed

With white colored Internal design along with floor-to-ceiling windows, you can enjoy the beautiful sea at the same time as you eat.

On the additional side of the restaurant, you can find a large painting on the window. If you look carefully, you can find different kinds of sea creatures from the painting. We heard of which the artist along with the owner are friends, along with of which's why the artist's work is usually used in LATILLA.

Souvenirs like folders along with postcards are also sold here too. If you are interested, you can get some for yourself along with your friends.

Recommended Food

AGU Pork Chop Set (あぐーの骨付きステーキ)

Since you are in Okinawa, how can you not try their famous local AGU pork!

What is usually special about AGU pork? of which is usually a bit fat nevertheless the texture of of which is usually great. Try of which along with you will understand why of which is usually famous!

cost: 2,550 yen + tax

Ryukyu Special Set (琉球プレート)

The main item of This specific set is usually the hamburg steak which is usually 100% made with the Okinawa AGU pig. of which is usually very juicy! of which comes with potato salad along with rice too.

cost: 1,590 yen + tax

Amazing Sea View

At Cafe Restaurant LATILLA, you can enjoy the 180 degrees sea view while having the delicious Okinawa dishes.

If you are still planning your Okinawa trip, we highly recommend you to visit Cafe Restaurant LATILLA on the same day you visit Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium. After visiting the entire world famous aquarium, This specific restaurant is usually the best place for you to take some rest along with enjoy the Okinawa food along with sea view at the same time!!

Cafe Restaurant LATILLA
Address: 1046-2 Yamagawa, Honbu-cho, Kunigami-Gun, Okinawa
Tel./Fax: 0980-48-2236
Hours: 11:30 - 21:00 (L.O. 20:00)
Homepage (Jap.):
Google Map

Wanna get more along with share your Japanese stories with us? Please join us on Google+ too!! 

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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

#Accommodation ♪ A Designer Hotel in Shinjuku, Center of Tokyo! Granbell Hotel Shinjuku ②

#Accommodation ♪ A Designer Hotel in Shinjuku, Center of Tokyo! Granbell Hotel Shinjuku ②

Continue our trip in Tokyo

Remember This kind of time we have choose shinjuku, center of Tokyo 

to stay!!!!

Here will be 

A brand brand-new hotel opened on December 18!!

Granbell Hotel Shinjuku


A designer hotel  behind Kabukicho. 

A shot directly via the front!!!

Can you see anything!!!

Use your imagination!!! lol

I had a nice shower yesterday!!

I am inside center of the city 

taking my time peacefully!

Brilliant Urban Night ☆

You can access to 

Granbell Hotel Shinjuku

via JR Shinjuku Station as well as Metro Subway Higashi-shinjuku Station 

There are 4 types of rooms!

▲ Standard Room

in different themes

Economy / Superior / Deluxe nado

▲ Loft Room

with 3.6 m high ceiling!!

A big screen to enjoy movie!

Nice Terrace

▲ Executive Room

Enjoy the spacious space using a wide window!

▲ Suite Room

4 themes designed by 4 different artists. 

There should be one you will like!

△ Suite Room

DISEL featuring "The Resort Suite" 

Using furnitures via DISEL

△ Suite Room

"The Vila Suite"

Just like a Vila even in a urban city

△ Suite Room

"The Penthouse Suite"

△ Suite Room

"The Club Suite"

Marble Flooring 

Have a luxury night!

When you turn off the night, 

you still feel the living shinjuku via a wide window!!!

Neon light via buildings form a picture!

No doubt Shinjuku, a urban city, never sleep lol

Let's go to Robot Restaurant in Kabukicho!!!

the idea will be in a walking distance!!!


This kind of will be our Buffet breakfast inside morning !!!!

Here in 

Granbell Hotel Shinjuku

I feel, experience as well as enjoy 

the day as well as night of Shinjuku!

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