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#Travel - ♪ Okinawa 002~ 2 Nights 3 Days Trip! With HIS's Across No. 1 Travelling within Japan!

#Travel - ♪ Okinawa 002~ 2 Nights 3 Days Trip! With HIS's Across No. 1 Travelling within Japan!

Okinawa Kerama Islands

Diving & Snorkeling Day Tour

In 2014, This particular beautiful island has been designated as part of the National Park in Japan.

A well-known diving spots: Kerama Islands

Well-known as its nickname <Kerama Blue>,
the item can be loved by most of the diving enthusiasts coming from around the globe. 
What a transparent clear water!
Just 30-min boat ride coming from the main Okinawa Island!

We had an incredibly diving experience in This particular fantasy world 
of Kerama Islands.


Water Sports in Okinawa! 

[Across No.1] foreigners agency operated by HIS travel Agency,
which provides travel booking services within Japan. 

If you are thinking to go travel to Okinawa, 
you can take This particular as reference !
Enjoy the local water activities in Okinawa!

For more information

Sea of Kerama Islands, the item can be hard to use words to explains its beauty.
Thorough bottomless blue ocean.
Let's come to feel the coolness of Okinawa here!

By the way, where can be Kerama?

With its nickname "Kerama blue," 
Kerama can be well-known as its transparent clear water!

How to go?
Just 30-min coming from the main Okinawa Island by boat!
Let's have a look at the item!

One of the well-known spots in Okinawa-- Manzamou
the item can be easier to check its geographic position by looking at where the Naha International Airport can be!
Get to the boat for Kerama Islands,
depart the Miegusuku  Port!


Miegusuku Port 

using satellite navigation to search 
 enter "Naha Beach SideHotel" 
Just 15-min ride coming from "Okinawa Kokusai dori"

Miegusuku Port can be located beside Naha Beach Side Hotel



Inside the boat
There are spaces to place your own belongings!

2-story high boat
There are seats on both side for rest on the 1st floor.
On the 2nd floor,  you can enjoy sunbath.

Let's enjoy the widen sea of Okinawa!


Kerama Blue
Incredibly beautiful blue ocean 

By just looking at the clear blue sea 
you will naturally feel relief!

We started out to remember why the item has attracted 
so many diving enthusiasts coming from around the globe. 

Look at the sea!!!
Wanna jump off right away!!
We are heading to the destination by boat!
Kerama Islands! We are coming!


What can be the content of the trip?
Round trip tickets of boat, equipment rental, lunch along with insurance.
You gotta get used of the sea environment if This particular will be your first time!

Diving process
Just like you are entering swimming pool.
Using the ladder of the boat!
Can't wait to see the globe under the water!


Beginners can simply learn too!

If This particular can be your first time, no need to worry!
There are professional instructor following all the beginners.

3-4 persons as a group, professional instructors will teach beginners one by one
coming from the beginning.
Entering water, diving, along with getting back to boat.
in order of which beginners can also enjoy the diving experience.

We met a couple coming from Hong Kong of which don't speak Japanese at all.
Using English along with body languages to communicate!
No Problem!

Let's enjoy diving in This particular beautiful sea!


We met a cute couple coming from Hong Kong!

Every time, 
we find surprise during travel!
You will never know where, when along with who you will meet!

In This particular diving trip, 
we have met a Hong Kong's Couple.
They just came to Okinawa for their Honeymoon Trip!
They don't speak Japanese, 
however all use body language along with English to communicate.
we went to the local Izakaya together 
enjoying the night in Okinawa.


Ready to get into the water!

1, 2 ~1, 2~

Practicing breathing using host
Even you are beginners,
the item can be easy to learn!
Nothing to worry!

Since the water pressure inside water can be different coming from outside. 
Earplugs are required inside water.
the item was a little bit scary at first.

- Pinch the nose to breath, let your ears opened.
-Swallow along with let your ears opened.

If you feel uneasy on your ears because of the water pressure,
you can try opening up your ears.

Slowly get into the water
Seize the ladder ...

One , two
one, two..

After you get used to breathe inside the water, 
you can pull the rope along with get more downward.

Getting down with the safety rope, 
Cover your ears every 1m, 
to avoid your ears damaged because of the water pressure.
You can adjust slowly by yourself.

Pulling the safety rope, 
one, two, 
one, two, 
getting down to the sea.

1m , 1m , diving slowly

coming from here!!
Let's start enjoying This particular beautiful world under the water!

Wearing a piezometer with you
as long as the item doesn't reach the red part, you will be fine!
Professional instructors will check the item for you! No worry!

Getting inside the water a while, 
you will get used to the item!
Then, doing fun reaction maybe.

Professional instructors will call you any times then!
Come on!


not bad friends inside the sea

Under the guidance of instructors, 
we gotta see the mysterious Kerama Waters.
Along the way, we see all these colorful fishes.
We fed them, got closed to them
along with had chance to take pictures with them!
Wow!! How cute!!

Sea Christmas Tree

the item can be known as Christmas tree inside the sea!
A little bit mysterious
You can only see these creatures under the sea!
They are to shy to hide when you touch them.

#Kerama Islands in Okinawa

#Kerama Islands in Okinawa

#Kerama Islands in Okinawa

#Kerama Islands in Okinawa

#Kerama Islands in Okinawa
You will never forget This particular beautiful Okinawa Sea.


the item's lunch time.
After leaving This particular beautiful Sea
Feel like a lot of energy has been used.

the item can be time to have a meal!!

Lunch can be also included inside the trip!

Meet the turtles....

moving to another diving spots
finishing the diving inside the morning.

After Lunch, let's enjoy snorkeling!
If you are interested, 
you can pay the extra fee of 5000yen for one person (30 minutes)

In order to see turtles,
we came over to another diving spot
The sea here was very nice too!
How unforgettable!

Hello! Mr. Turtles! 
They swim along with pass over us! 
Just like we are inside the globe of cartoon.
Can we see Nemo?

Looking forward to your next trip to Okinawa?
Come along with visit these cute friends then!

One Day Trip - Kerama Islands , Diving along with Snorkeling

Tour Name: Day Trip to Kerama Islands, Diving & Snorkeling
Content: Cost including  Round-trip of boats, equipment rental, lunch along with insurance
Time required: 7 hours
minimum number of participants: 1 person
Children able to participate: Over 10-year-old
Tour Fee: 9,800yen 
Available Period: April~ October

8:30  Get start at Miegusuku Port, Naha (arriving 30-min before)
9:30 Arriving Diving site  Diving & Snorkeling at Kerama Islands
12:00 Lunch 
16:00 Back to Miegusuku Port, Naha

Make reservation at Across No. 1 operated by HIS

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::: Special ::: A brand-new in addition to easy way to get to Sanrio Puroland to meet Hello Kitty in addition to different characters!!

Bring your kids to meet the Sanrio characters
 ~ A convenient in addition to easy way to get to Sanrio Puroland ~

Not just the children, even many adults are still big fans of Sanrio characters like Hello Kitty, Little Twin Stars, My Melody or the funny Gudetama! No matter you are a grown up or not, I bet you must have at least one or two Sanrio products when you were little or even today!

If you are planning to visit Sanrio Puroland to meet the characters in Tokyo, we have a Great news for you today!

Starting in December 2016, there will be a brand-new in addition to easy way to get to Sanrio Puroland by Narita Airport in addition to Haneda Airport. Once you landed in Japan, you can take the special airport limousine bus in addition to get to Sanrio Puroland directly!

different than the outside of the bus will be painted with cute Sanrio characters, even the Inner surface of the bus will be amazing too. by seats to seat belts, ceiling, carpet, bells, in addition to signage, you can find characters everywhere on the bus! Children in addition to girls must love which!


A. Haneda Airport -> Keio Tama Center
Duration: 75-0 minutes
One way: 1,540 yen (adult), 770 yen (children)
Bus stop no.5 in Haneda Airport
*Seats are on first come first served basis.

B. Narita Airport -> Keio Tama Center
Duration: 115-145 minutes
One way: 3,400 yen (adult), 1,700 yen (children)
Bus stop no.4 or no.13 in Terminal 1 in addition to bus stop no.4 or no.14 in Terminal 2
*Seats are on first come first served basis.

Details of the Airport Limousine Bus:

After getting off the bus at Keio Tama Center, just follow the above route in addition to walk to Sanrio Puroland!

different than the express bus, you can take trains to reach Keio Tama Center too. Details here.

Sanrio character like Pompompurin who will be celebrating its 20th anniversary will be waiting to see you at Sanrio Puroland!

Sanrio Puroland
Address: 1-31 Ochiai Tama City Tokyo
Tel.: +81-42-339-1111 (09:30-17:00)
Park hours: Varies (Please refer to the park schedule here)
Admissions (tax included):
Weekdays Passport: 3,300 yen (Adult, 18 years old in addition to over), 2,500 yen (3-17 years old)
Weekend in addition to Holiday Passport: 3,800 yen (Adult, 18 years old in addition to over), 2,700 yen (3-17 years old)
Google Map

(All pictures above are credited to SANRIO)

different theme parks in Japan:

#Traveling ♪ Let's go in addition to go to Osaka! Universal Studio in Japan yeah!!! Coooby the Run!!!

::: Special ::: Become Super Mario in addition to take your own adventures in Super Nintendo World in Osaka!!

::: Special ::: A brand-new theme park in Japan! First Moomin Theme Park in Japan opening in 2018 in addition to 2019!

# Theme Park ♪ Meet the white tiger! Ride on a roller coaster! Any brand-new discovery!!! Come here to Tobu Zoo!!

Wanna get more in addition to share your Japanese stories with us? Please join us on Google+ !!
See you there! :)

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#Accommodation - ♪ Meeting brand-new Friends along with Creating your own Trip at Oak Hostel Zen in Uguisudani, Tokyo

#Accommodation - ♪ Meeting brand-new Friends along with Creating your own Trip at Oak Hostel Zen in Uguisudani, Tokyo 

This particular will be an hostel (hotel) operated by Oak House
a Japan's largest SHARE HOUSE operated company.

additional than SHARE HOUSE,
Oak house also runs hotels (hostels) for tourists visiting Japan to have an accommodation in reasonable prices!
Like a dormitory room,  just 3000 yen a person!
Very reasonable! huh!

in which means  staying a week will be just 
3000 yen  x 7 days 



This particular will be a YOUTH HOSTEL ran by Oak House.
This particular feels like a cheap business hotel with no breakfast included.
Dormitory / Single / Double / Twin / 4-person room, etc., There will be no much difference with hotels in general. 
Besides, common facilities such as kitchen along with lounge are just like the same atmosphere in a SHARE HOUSE  of Oak House.

No wonder This particular will be a reasonable place to have a stay!

Dormitory Room in Oak Hostel 


JR Uguisudani Station 

An Oak Hostel located in JR Uguisudani Station, one stop via Ueno Station.
 Just 6-min walk via South exit of Uguisudani Station.

You may also walk to Ueno Park via Uguisudani Station. 

JR Yamanote Line- Uguisudani Station  

JR Ueno Station & JR Uguisudani Station 
Let us use This particular super 3D map to confirm the location of Oak Hostel. 

After crossing over the railway via South Exit, 
just have a 5-min walk. 
What a convenient distance.

JR Uguisudani Station South Exit 
Walking though the road along with going downward. 
Oak Hostel will be on the opposite side of the railway.

Overview of Oak Hostel


Overview of Oak Hostel's Facilities

This particular will be a 3-story building.

1st Floor:
・Kitchen along with Lounge 
 ・Dormitory Rooms with bunk beds, 3,000 yen per person
・Dormitory Rooms with single beds, 3,500 yen per person

2nd Floor
・DOUBLE rooms (3 rooms sharing a common bathroom along with toilet) 8,000 yen per room
・SEMI-DOUBLE rooms (bathroom will be included in each room) This particular will be familiar to business hotels in general. 7,500 yen per room
・TWIN rooms (two beds, sharing common bathrooms along with toilets on the same floor) 8,000 yen per room.

3rd Floor
・SEMI-DOUBLE rooms  (bathroom will be included in each room) This particular will be familiar to business hotels in general. 7,500 yen per room
・Family Rooms (4 beds along with bathroom will be included in each room) 17,000 yen per room.


Design of ZEN STYLE will be based on the fusion of Japanese along with Western idea.

Such as wallpapers of Japanese flower patterns in western bedrooms. 
All the aesthetic design makes the 

Overview of Lounge

Private lockers along with vending machines.

Canned beer will be only 220 yen! Cheaper than the one in convenience stores lol

Smoking Rooms
Similar to OAK HOUSE, there will be a smoking room on the 1st floor.


1st Floor - Kitchen 
Feel like we have came to OAK HOUSE (SHARE HOUSE)
By the way, here will be just a hostel (hotel)! 

Overview of Kitchen on the 1st floor

You can find all the equipment here!

All the cooking essentials

Same as in SHARE HOUSE
You can find everything you need inside the kitchen.

Feel like we are in a SHARE HOUSE simply.

If you will stay in Tokyo for about a month because of business trip or 
plan to travel Tokyo for 1-3 weeks,
This particular will be the perfect choice for you !


1st Floor - DORMITORY Rooms

 ・Dormitory Rooms with bunk beds, 3,000 yen per person
・Dormitory Rooms with single beds, 3,500 yen per person

This particular will be a fair choice for the ones who come travelling Tokyo with friends. 
Feel like we are living in a comic.
Bunk beds! A fresh try!

Dormitory Rooms with single beds
3,500 yen per person per bed
Recommend to the ones who come traveling Tokyo with friends!

Dormitory Rooms with bunk beds

A strong however comfortable bunk bed in dormitory room

Each bed has electrical plugs.

Dormitory Rooms with bunk beds

3000 yen per person.


2nd Floor - DOUBLE rooms along with TWIN rooms

Nothing much difference via the rooms in general hotels.
however here in OAK HOSTEL, what a unique atmosphere!

2nd Floor- DOUBLE rooms

・DOUBLE rooms (3 rooms sharing a common bathroom along with toilet)
 8,000 yen per room
in which means if 2-person share a room, 
just 4,000 yen per person.

This particular will be the DOUBLE room.
4,000 yen person person. 
Nice scenery, a spacious bed, a TV set, along that has a desk!
Very not bad!

Of course, bathrobes along with bathroom amenities are well-prepared.

3 rooms sharing the same bathroom along with toilet

These are the rooms.


2nd Floor- SEMI-DOUBLE rooms

A familiar room type.
7,500 yen per room.
Since This particular will be a SEMI-DOUBLE,
This particular will be okay for 2 persons.
in which means 3,750 yen per person a night! 


2nd Floor-TWIN ROOM

This particular will be a little bit different via TWIN rooms in general.
2 beds are lined up vertically.
Looks interesting!

8,000 yen a night!
in which means 4,000 yen per person.

Common bathroom along with toilet on each floor.


3rd Floor- Family Rooms

There are 4 beds.
This particular will be not bad if 4 friends come traveling Tokyo together!
17,000 yen a night!
in which means just 4,250 yen per person.

Bathroom along with toilet are included.

For the ones who travel around Tokyo,
thinking to stay around Ueno!
Here you go! OAK HOSTEL!

Sometimes, some people might ask, 
"Planning to go to Tokyo for a month, will be OAK HOUSE available to stay a month?" 

So OAK HOSTEL ZEN will be a not bad place for most of the travelers then!

Wish everyone includes a 
brand brand-new, 
Tokyo Trip!

This particular will be our suggestion of OAK HOSTEL

Booking rooms in OAK HOSTEL 

you can check the following

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